Equipping Teens to LIVE, SHARE, and DEFEND Their Faith in a
Post-Modern Culture

–   Winter 2022   –
Teen Equip 
Gets Equipped to go into the streets and share the gospel!

Starting February, 17, 2022

Join us Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM at Christ Community Church in Ocala to get equipped to share your faith biblically, confidently, and effectively. Parents are welcome to stay, too!

Christianity isn’t a mere belief,
it’s a JOURNEY!

Christianity is not just a belief system nor is it something that people can claim as their “religion”.  Instead, true biblical Christianity is an extraordinary journey that is full of hurdles, traps, dangers, assignments, accomplishments, and even failures. And without the proper equipment, it is nearly impossible to navigate.

Teen EQUIP is a student ministry that equips teens for this incredible journey.  According to the Bible, part of this journey will include seeking and saving the lost, defending the truth, battling darkness, shining the light of God’s Word in dark places, and making disciples.  But when we look around at today’s Christian Culture, we don’t see teens being prepared for biblical Christianity.  It’s no wonder that 7 out of 10 teens who grow up in a Christian environment will abandon their childhood faith when they leave the home!


Going to church, being involved in church activities, and growing up in a Christian family can be good things,


the real question we need to be asking is:

 Are you EQUIPPED for the journey?

Teen EQUIP is a ministry that equips teens for the Christian journey.  Many youth groups focus on attracting people to the “church”.  The focus of Teen Equip is NOT to attract teens to a church program, but rather to draw them to Christ – but even MORE specifically, the MISSION of Christ.

God sent Jesus to Earth for a mission to accomplish (John 4:34; John 6:38).  At the end of that mission Jesus said, “As the Father has sent Me, so I am sending you.” (John 20:21). Sending us to do what?  To complete that same mission that Jesus started!  Most Christians are unaware of the mission and many of those that are aware, choose to ignore it! Yikes!  The Bible says that God has commissioned Christians for a mission, and the very best time to start, is in the teen years!

Click HERE to learn more about “Road Trip to Truth”

Throughout the series, we will look at reasons WHY seven out of ten teens will ABANDON their faith when they leave the home.  By uncovering these pitfalls, half the battle has already been won!

Sobering Statistics:


Christian teens who abandon their faith after leaving the home


Christian Teens who are unsure or don't believe that Jesus is the only Way


Christian teens who believe that Mohammed, Buddha, and other great religious leaders all have equal standing in leading people to heaven


Christians teens who are either uncertain or unsettled about the Bible’s trustworthiness


Christians (of any age) who share the gospel with non-Christians


Christians (of any age) who are making disciples

Hmm… There’s something seriously wrong with these numbers…

Equipping Teens…

… for the Mission of Christ

When We Meet

Thursdays at 7:00pm
at Christ Community Church


Answers to some of the common questions

What is the age range for Teen EQUIP?

Well, you guessed it, between 13 and 19, commonly known as the “teen” years. But it is specifically geared towards high school and college students. 

Is Jr. High too young?

If you have a “1” in front or your age, then it is not too young.  But again, Teen EQUIP is geared towards high school students.  But one rule we always have is this: if you have a sibling in high school who is attending, then their younger siblings can attend.  What we are not looking to create is the “Jr. High youth group” atmosphere (nothing wrong Jr. High atmospheres, but the energy level of Teen EQUIP will be more geared toward using “brain energy” and not “muscle energy”.

How many weeks is Teen EQUIP?

Teen EQUIP typically lasts around 10 -12 weeks.  The winter session will end in April since we started a little later this year.

Who is leading Teen EQUIP?

Teen Equip is headed up by Alan Beckwith, husband of 1, father of 6, and disciplemaker of many! Don’t know my journey?  Ask, I would LOVE to share!

Where is Teen EQUIP meeting?

Christ Community Church (off of Baseline)

37 Dogwood Rd, Ocala, FL 34472

Can parents attend?

Yes! We have always had some parents stay for the meeting. They are more than welcome to chime in on the discussions.  Just remember, it is geared towards the teens so we don’t want to monopolize the discussion times with just the adults but want to encourage the teens to actively participate in the meetings.

I'm older than a teenager. Can I come?

Yes! Just because you entered the twenties, doesn’t mean you have to stop getting equipped!  Young adults can serve as role models to the younger teens as you grab a hold of what you are learning and putting into practice.

I have more questions. How can I ask them?

Call, text, email, or stop by our home and we can answer any of your questions.