Some of our past lessons to get an idea of Teen Equip Student Ministries

Lesson 1

Heaven, We Have a Problem!

Did you know 7 out of 10 teens will leave the church once they graduate from high school?  But what is even more shocking is that if a youth regularly attended Sunday School they are more likely to be one of those 7 that leave the church!  Read More…

Lesson 2

What is the Gospel?

Simple question, right?  Wrong!  When asking 10 tens who grew up in the church “What is the Gospel?” you would expect most of them would know the answer.  But surprisingly at least half of the answers won’t even be close to the gospel, a quarter of them will be close, and only 25% will be correct.

In this lesson, we will discover exactly what the gospel is and why it truly is the Good News.   

Lesson 3

The Right Response to the Gospel

What?  There is a right response to the gospel?  What does it look like?  Is the response optional?  Is there a wrong response?  Are there multiple ways of responding to the gospel?

In this lesson, we will look at what it means to respond to the gospel and how exactly the Bible spells that out for us.


Lesson 4

The Fruit of The Gospel

Once someone hears the gospel, and rightly responds to the gospel, there will be fruit (evidence) that the person truly did respond the right way.  What is that fruit?  What is the evidence that someone really did respond the right way to the gospel?

In this lesson, we will look at the evidnce that someone will have in thier lives indicating that they responded correctly to the gospel. 

Lesson 5

Disciples or Christians?

What do you call someone who heard the gospel, responded correctly, has evidence in their life to prove it?  Yep, it’s a disciple of Christ.  But, wait a second!  Is there a difference between someone who follows and obeys Christ and just an ordinary Christian?

In this lesson, we will define what a disciple of Christ is, and discover whether or not there are two-tiers of Christians.

Lesson 6

Discipleship: The practice of Disciples

So, what do disciples of Christ practice?  Christian discipleship, or course!  But what exactly is “discipleship”?  Is discipleship optional?  What if Christians are not practicing discipleship, is that OK?  

In this lesson we will look at what discipleship is and whether or not it is an option for followers of Christ.



Lesson 7

The Wrong Response

 Is there a WRONG response to the gospel? You bet there is! And, unfortunately, many people in the church have chosen that response! So what is it? 

In this lesson, we will look at the right and the wrong response to the gospel and why this teaching is so needed in the church today. You will be surprised as to how many people in the church have chosen the WRONG response!


Lesson 8

The Christian Culture

 OK, this is my favorite lesson. We could spend a few weeks on this concept alone.  I won’t say much here but just know, you live in a culture where you are going to be totally shocked by what we find there and how it compares to the Bible.