Equipping Teens to Defend the Biblical Gospel

About this Journey on the Road Trip to Truth:

High schools, college campuses, political platforms, workplaces, and even social influences are rife with atheistic, evolutionary, and postmodern ideas that are incompatible with a Biblical worldview. No Christian is immune to secular assaults on their faith.


The Road Trip to Truth curriculum is intended to equip participants for the onslaught of postmodern ideas they will encounter in an increasingly secular world. The goal of this study is to introduce students to many of the ideas and arguments they will likely face and to persuade them of the reality and defensibility of the Christian worldview. 

After this study, participants should be able to:


  • Demonstrate the irrationality of an atheistic worldview
  • Describe the Christian worldview and its basis
  • Articulate the Gospel
  • Recognize many of the ideas and arguments indicative of non-biblical worldviews

Overview of the Video Series

Session 1: What Is Truth?

  1. The Law Of Non-Contradiction
  2. The Bible’s Definition Of Truth
  3. Objections To Biblical Truth
  4. The Truth Of The Gospel


 Session 2: Can Everybody Be Right?

  1. What Is Truth And Can We Know It?
  2. Post-Modernism
  3. Tolerance
  4. The Truth


 Session 3: The People V. Truth

  1. What Is Post-Modernism?
  2. Consequences Of Post-Modernism
  3. More Consequences
  4. The Hope Of The Truth


 Session 4: If You’re Just Matter, You Don’t Matter

  1. Is Evolution Reasonable?
  2. Consequences Of Evolution
  3. Arguments For God
  4. Why Origins Matter


 Session 5: Everyday Proof Evolution Is Impossible

  1. Does It Matter?
  2. Evolution Is Impossible
  3. Beauty As Proof
  4. The Truth Of Unbelief


 Session 6: Explain This, Atheists!

  1. The Irrationality Of Atheism
  2. Agnosticism Is Impossible
  3. The Rationality Of God
  4. A Message Of Atheists


 Session 7: Do We Still Need God?

  1. Is Believing In God Rational?
  2. The Problem Of Evil
  3. Is God Hiding?
  4. Your Need For God


 Session 8: The Most Reliable Book On Earth

  1. It’s Not The Same Text!
  2. It Has Contradictions!
  3. It Was Written By Men!
  4. The Message Of The Bible


 Session 9: Christianity Is Logical

  1. Evolution And Its Logical Fallacies
  2. More Fallacies
  3. Even More Fallacies
  4. The Gospel Is Logical


 Session 10: Getting The Good News Right

  1. What Is The Gospel?
  2. How Should We Respond?
  3. Why Do So Many Get This Wrong?
  4. A True Gospel Presentation


 Session 11: Access Denied: Christianity’s Exclusivity

  1. How Dare You!
  2. Christians Are Mean
  3. I’m A Good Person
  4. The Gospel Is for Bad People


Throughout the series, we will look at reasons WHY seven out of ten teens will ABANDON their faith when they leave the home.  By uncovering these pitfalls, half the battle has already been won!