Week 2 Emails

In case you missed an email, you can find it here.

Teen Equip – “The Quiz”

OK, another great night at Teen Equip with plenty of discussion. I see we will have no problem this year with a shy crowd!

So, hitting a couple of high points from Thursday:

The Quiz!

So, what did you think about the quiz? Pretty interesting, right? Technically, these are questions and answers that you could find in a 3rd-grade bible textbook. So why did so many teenagers (and don’t worry adults, too!) only get 1 or 2 of any of them right? Where did we learn these wrong answers from? We didn’t get them from the Bible, so where did they come from? And these are only 5 of the questions! I have another dozen!

Hmm… Something is just not right about that…

I followed that quiz by making the following (perhaps startling?) statement:

“If we have been taught wrongly about these TRIVIAL things, is it possible that we have been taught wrongly about things that are more SIGNIFICANT?”

I continued with:

“And could some of these things be SO significant that it could determine whether a person will go to heaven or hell?”

Wow! Think about that a second… If we are being taught (and nothing against those who teaching this – I was one of those teachers, too!) wrongly about simple Bible passages that clearly state something different than what is being taught, then is it POSSIBLE, that we are ALSO being taught things wrongly about the more significant things?

And could some of those significant things include the GOSPEL and SALVATION?

This is really serious!

We have already seen that 7 out of 10 teens walk away from the church. Could some of the things the modern-day church is teaching the youth today be partly the cause of this pandemic?


“So, what ARE those things,” you ask?

Well, we’ll get there eventually on our journey – we’ve only just left base camp!

OK, that’s it for today!

Press on!